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This is it. The big moment you’ve always dreamed on. You want to choose musicians who’ll help to make this momentous milestone perfect. The type of performers you choose will all depend upon the effect you’re trying to create. For a formal wedding affair, a string quartet, a gospel choir or classical singer are all romantic choices that’ll melt even the stoniest of hearts when they see you (or your bride) walking down the aisle. The tender strains of a string quartet or the purity of a classical singer reverberating around the eaves of a wedding is a beautiful backdrop to a bridal march.

If you want the sophisticated sound of a string quartet, but don’t know your Mahler from your Mozart, then why not ask your quartet to perform a classical arrangement of a contemporary song? Another option, if you want your ceremony to be a more modern affair, is to go for an acoustic guitar and vocal duo, who can play a live-lounge-style, stripped-back version of your entrance song. Your musicians will keep your guests occupied during the signing of the register, and can give you a joyful recession theme too. 

When it comes to selecting music for a wedding, couples have endless options. The style of musical entertainment chosen creates a unique experience and sets the tone from dinner hour, bridal party introduction, to the last song of the evening. A good starting point is reflecting on previous weddings you have attended and the wedding entertainment that was provided. It is important to be mindful of your guest list, wedding theme and personal preferences when browsing through wedding entertainment ideas. While the bride and groom may unite as one, their tastes in music may still clash. Rest assure, the wedding planners at The Manor have compiled suggestions of musical entertainment styles for your upcoming wedding that are sure to be music to your ears.

For a grand wedding celebration, an enigmatic wedding DJ will have guests glued to the dance floor. And a charismatic MC can be the icing on the cake. Because DJ’s have access to a wide range of songs, the music genre selection is endless. When selecting a DJ, assess their experience and what size weddings and venues they typically perform for. It is important to listen to their style of mixing and blending as well as ask about sound equipment and any other special features they may offer. To further engage wedding guests, offer guests the option of writing down song requests. Jazz Bands can both enhance a cocktail hour, as well as steal the show during the reception. Songs played by jazz bands are easily recognizable tunes with a vintage sound. There are also many formats in which jazz bands can perform, whether it is piano, vocal duos or a large 10+ piece swing jazz band. Trios and quartets are the most popular form as they are the most affordable, and easily accommodate to any indoor or outdoor space. For an even more engaging jazz performance, consider a Dixieland band, which wanders through the guest tables as they perform.

Dinner time! The focus here is on relaxing and recharging after the emotion of your ceremony… unless you’re the best man, in which case you’ll be spending a queasy hour picking at your food in nervous anticipation of giving your speech! If you are planning on live music during your wedding dinner, something light that doesn’t intrude on the proceedings works best. You want to set a mood that supports the congenial chatter and laughter in the room, rather than giving your guests a show. You can make your pianist really earn his or her money or opt for some subtle strings or a harpist. Another option is to make use of your venue’s sound system and put together a playlist of your favourite laid-back tunes, so that the focus of the wedding breakfast is on the company, the conversation and the food.

It’s time to let loose and have a dance to celebrate your new lives together. There’s a whole array of types of live band to choose from, and the style of band you choose depends upon which music you think will work best to get your guests into the party spirit. Choosing the right wedding band can be a little tricky: while it is your big day and therefore your choice, you also need to think about your friends and family. Will your wedding band play something for everyone to enjoy? If not you could end up feeling a little isolated on the dance floor.

Many wedding bands have a broad repertoire that includes a bit of pop, a bit of rock and a bit of soul, which is perfect for pleasing guests of all ages. Other bands are more specific in the genres of music they perform, so make sure to be thorough in your research. As well as the traditional rock and pop wedding bands, you can opt for something a little different – a vintage styled band perhaps. Vintage themed acts are hugely popular right now. Performing in a swing style but also offering vintage reinterpretations of current chart hits for a totally unique experience. Other alternative acts include beatboxers, modern dance, hip hop and R’n’B crossover bands, and mash up tributes to the nineties and two-thousands. 

Most wedding bands (and all of them if you are booking through an agency) will have their repertoire of songs posted online so you can make an informed decision on whether they are the band for you. Make sure to watch and listen to the promo material of as many bands as possible, as selecting a band that fits your theme and personality is vital. When assessing potential bands, you’ll want to make sure they are not only great musicians, but also that they’re engaging and charismatic performers, with the ability to charm your guests and encourage them to loosen up on the dance floor. Also, be sure you read as many reviews as possible – you want to be working with professionals who know exactly what they are doing, arrive on time and set up with as little fuss as possible. Something to remember is that a lot of wedding reception bands also offer an acoustic duo set, as well as a complimentary DJ service, allowing you to arrange your entire day’s entertainment in a single booking. Majestic event management helped open your eyes to the huge amount of options out there when it comes to wedding entertainment.

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