Logistic Transport Management

Majestic Event Management Puts You At The Center Of A Growing, Global Industry. The Corporate Track In This Program Will Prepare You To Help Businesses Fulfill The Need For Professionally Planned Meetings, Tradeshows, Conferences, Expos And Other Events. Or, If Your Passion Lies In Planning And Executing Special Events Like Weddings And Festivals, Our Program Can Prepare You For That Too. Your Training Will Ensure These Events Stay On Budget, Run Smoothly And Leave A Lasting Impression On Your Clients.It’s Really No Secret That Event Management Is More Complicated Than It’s Ever Been. Professional Event Planners Have To Navigate Their Way Through A Logistical Labyrinth, Juggling Everything From Equipment To Location To Their Own Events Team. While Mobile Technology Has Eased The Load Somewhat, It’s Still Not A Career Well-Suited For Just Anyone.On Top Of That, The Bar For Entry Has Never Been Higher. Employers Increasingly Prefer To Hire University Graduates Ahead Of Other Applicants, While Clients Are Increasingly Paying Attention To Certifications – Which Include One’s Degree. Curiously, One Of The Preferred Majors In Both Cases Appears To Be Hospitality Management.