Orchestra / Band

An Orchestra Is A Large Instrumental Ensemble Typical Of Classical Music, Which Mixes Instruments From Different Families, Including Bowed String Instruments Such As Violin, Viola, Cello And Doubl Bass, As Well As Brass, Woodwinds, And Percussion Instruments, Each Grouped In Sections. Other Instruments Such As The Piano And Celesta May Sometimes Appear In A Fifth Keyboard Section Or May Stand Alone, As May The Concert Harp And, For Performances Of Some Modern Compositions, Electronic Instruments. A Full-Size Orchestra May Sometimes Be Called A Symphony Orchestra Or Philharmonic Orchestra. The Actual Number Of Musicians Employed In A Given Performance May Vary From Seventy To Over One Hundred Musicians, Depending On The Work Being Played And The Size Of The Venue. The Term Chamber Orchestra Usually Refers To Smaller-Sized Ensembles Of About Fifty Musicians Or Fewer.