Venue Selection

Yes, Before You Start Looking At Spaces! Majestic Event Management Is Much More Familiar With The Capabilities Of A Space, The Layout, And The Time And Items You’ll Need To Really Transform It, If There’s A Creative Way To Make It Unique Or A Quirk About The Space That Could Make Your Vision Hard To Accomplish, Your Planner Will Know. For Many Couples, It’s Important That The Location They Select Is Easy For The Majority Of Their Guests To Get To. However, Whether You’re Hosting Your Event Close To Home Or Planning A Destination Wedding In Another City, State Or Country, You Need To Think About The Logistics Of Getting Everyone To Your Event Site.Guests May Be Traveling A Considerable Distance By Car To Get To Your Wedding Destination. Sure, They Can Use Google Maps Or Some Other Navigation Tool To Get Directions To Your Venue, But Those Resources Aren’t Always 100% Reliable. Given Possible Freeway System Confusion And Traffic Congestion, You’ll Save Your Guests Lots Of Time And Trouble If You Provide, Along With The Invitation, Specific Directions On A Separate Map Drawn To Scale. Include Symbols Indicating Directions (North, South, Etc.) And The Names Of The Appropriate Off-Ramps. If You’re Not Sure About Exits, Landmarks Or Street Names, Take A Dry Run Of The Route To Make Sure Everything On Your Map Is Accurate And Easy To Follow.If Your Function Occurs After Dark, Do The Test Drive At Night So You Can Note Well-Lit Landmarks That Will Prevent Your Guests From Getting Lost—Both Coming To Your Event And Going Home